BRAN101 - Establish your brand online through social networking

The Internet changes all the rules about branding. In today's world, your customers don't expect just to see you online: they expect to be able to communicate with you, know about you, and connect with you. This is where social media have become a necessity, for companies who want to establish their presence in the Internet world.

The world of social networks is changing quicker than ever: this course will make sure that your employees know exactly what to do so that you don't just have a presence online. This is a hands-on, intensive course where your employees will be know everything there is to know to make your online presence stronger than ever.

An important note

For this course, you will have two options: you can have your employees to create a fictional company, using fictional accounts and logos (provided); or they can actually create the social networking infrastructure for your company, with the right logos and actual information. We obviously recommend the second option, as your company actually ends up with something practical and tangible.

The course

This course will cover:

  • Assessment of your company's strategy in terms of social media
  • Overview of a company that does everything 100% right in terms of social media
  • Understanding where people will look for you, and what they will find
  • Social media: Twitter. Understanding exactly how twitter works, in terms of an established corporation. Using SaaS to manage your Google account
  • Social media: Facebook. Creating your company's Facebook page, maintain it, and make it really cool with simple applications
  • Social media: Google+. Creating your Google+ page, maintaining it
  • Social interaction: dealing with your customers.
  • Traditional and online media to link to new social media.

The aim

At the end of this course, your company will have a solid social networking strategy: your company will be ready to embrace the future of communication with customers through social media, establishing